Next step: Boosting everybody’s IQ!

Scientists now claim that they have found the two genes, that determine whether a person will be intelligent or not. Not only that; the same scientists say, they can manipulate those genes in any human being to make him or her more intelligent, writes, Dec. 21, 2015,Intelligence genes discovered by scientists”.

Although scientists claim to know that 75% of our IQ is inherited, and 25 percent is due to environment and the company we select, nobody has been able to, until recently, determine which genes are responsible for memory, attention, processing speed and reasoning skills.

When genes are mutated or in the “wrong order,” it may lead to dullness in thinking and serious cognitive impairments, Imperial College London, states.

Dr. Michael Johnson, who is the lead author of the study from the Department of Medicine at Imperial College London, says,

“We used computer analysis to identify the genes in the human brain that work together to influence our cognitive ability to make new memories or sensible decisions when faced with lots of complex information.

“We found that some of these genes overlap with those that cause severe childhood onset epilepsy or intellectual disability.

“This study shows how we can use large genomic datasets to uncover new pathways for human brain function in both health and disease. Eventually, we hope that this sort of analysis will provide new insights into better treatments for neurodevelopmental diseases, such as epilepsy, and ameliorate or treat the cognitive impairments associated with these devastating diseases.” [Ibid. op. cit.]

Moreover, a King’ College London team is excited to have found that up to 65% of the difference in students’ GCSE grades is because of genetics.

Figure 10-1: DNA spirals.

How did they find this out? They studied 12,500 twins! [Ibid. op. cit.] The reader has to excuse me, but this eerily reminds me of Dr. Josef Mengele, the extremely cruel Nazi doctor, who during WW II made vicious and torturous experiments on twins. Whether these more recent British experiments were cruel or not, the idea of doing research on twins comes from Dr. Mengele, who after the war was smuggled to the U.S. as part of Operation Paperclip to continue his research there. Dr. Mengele is responsible for many new discoveries of the human mind to the expense of many lost minds as a result. However, we are now beginning to see the end results of Dr. Mengele’s research. It’s quite naïve to think that the experiments of twins performed today would be less cruel than those of Dr. Mengele’s. People dedicated to this kind of research are not getting kinder and gentler as time goes by.

Fig. 10-2: Dr. Josef Mengele in his later years.

Going back to the article, here are the punch lines:

Report author Professor Robert Plomin believes that children should be genetically screened at the age of four so that an individualised curriculum could be tailored to their needs.

“Understanding the specific genetic and environmental factors influencing individual differences in educational achievement - and the complex interplay between them - could help educationalists develop effective personalised learning programmes, to help every child reach their potential by the end of compulsory education,” he said. [Ibid. op. cit.]

Albeit, there are other scientists who think that manipulating these genes is not enough to guarantee success, this research will go on because it’s a means to an end. The Administrators want to increase people’s IQ as much as possible—particularly that of the next generation, who are going to be the main candidates for the Singularity and the SBC. If they can, they want to disallow dull people from being connected to the SBC; they want to enhance the overall intelligence of the next generation to get as much out of this “DNA IQ Project” as possible before the Controllers connect humankind to the SBC. However, the increased IQ of the new generation will not pertain to real knowledge—only the knowledge taught in the universities, which has everything to do with adapting to the New World Order of nanotechnology and the Singularity. When all is said and done, and the Singularity is here there and everywhere, the brightest of today’s humans will be considered dull, slug-minded, and cognitively impaired.

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